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#RedCupParty (Official Video) CitoTheCEO ft.TIO SAMO: via @YouTube

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Check out my lil Bro’s latest video @KRISSTAXX

New Music @Krisstaxx #WhereYoPackAt Ft. NovaBoy & NonyWopz (Via @thethizzler) Listen & RT Thx

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Phone Interview w/ @4EverAdrian

One of my good friend surprised me a few weeks ago dropping three snippets: “Why,” “Why You Want To Leave,” & “The Situation.” I had to call him because I felt like I had a lot of questions that other people might be having too. I wanted to know why myself and where is he going with this. But to tell you to hear his voice again is amazing because he is so humble but yet driven by passion. You can hear it in his voice and only if I could see his face; I know he will be smiling that beautiful smile of his. I recorded our phone call; below you can read his response to my questions:

4everAdrian: hello

Michelle: Adrian, did I catch you at a bad time?

4everAdrian: no I can talk; how have you been?

Michelle: I’ve been good now how you been?

4everAdrian: (laugh) I just been working, recording a lot

Michelle: you know that is the reason why I called you

4everAdrian: is it? (laughing) you have questions?

Michelle: don’t get all shy on me now

4everAdrian: I won’t, I won’t

{Before I started the interview I informed Adrian and let him know that I was recording the interview}

Michelle: even though I know where you are from but I want my readers to know a little bit more about you; where you are from?

4everAdrian: I was born in Kingston, Jamaica and grew up in New Jersey

Michelle: how old are you?

4everAdrian: I am 25

Michelle: When did you realize that singing and acting was your calling?

4everAdrian: ever since I was a little boy, I remember the first time I heard ‘I Wanna Be Down’ by Brandy and from there I was all in for music but I kept it to myself

Michelle: why?

4everAdrian: because whenever I thought about it; I always thought about what people will say or how they will think of it. I don’t think I was as strong enough then to stand up to that; but whenever I thought about making music I would get so worked up and it would put me in my own world of imagination and dream. That’s why I am pursuing this dream

Michelle: ok I can understand that; but you know the more you put your music or yourself out there the more people will be critical towards you

4everAdrian: I know and it’s a matter of how I take those criticisms and turn it into constructive criticism to improve myself and I know the more I put myself out there the more people will admire my work, progress and success since they have been following all along. So I am very grateful to have my friends close to me

Michelle: how did you get into the business?

4everAdrian: I am not with a management team or record label yet but I am in talk with a few as we speak. I am also reaching out with the help of friends and family to network with everyone and to meet more faces in the industry. I am ready to take my gift to the next level

Michelle: what made you want to upload those videos?

4everAdrian: because in the most recent days I’ve been wanting everyone to hear me make music and allow people to hear me; I have been keeping my music to myself for so many years that it’s time I share it with the world

Michelle: so is this more like a passion of yours or is it just a hobby, something you are playing around with?

4everAdrian: I will definitely say it’s a passion and something I’m serious about because it’s something that I just do and it makes me feel good

Michelle: what is driving you to make music?

4everAdrian: to be honest with you, life itself

Michelle: that is deep, very deep

{Adrian did a deep exhale into the phone; I had to check on him to make sure he was ok}

Michelle: Adrian, are you ok?

4everAdrian: yeah, there is so much more I want people to hear

Michelle: that was my next question, where are you going with this?

4everAdrian: I am aiming international because I have music that the world would love and could relate to on all levels. I am also working on my EPs right now, I am doing a lot of behind the scene work so you can expect an album from me soon

Michelle: that is big and I am so proud of you for taking your dream and running with it because anything and everything is possible; do you have more music you will be putting up soon?

4everAdrian: I have more music that I will be putting out there to give people a more feel of me and my style. I am even experimenting with my voice on some tracks; I am rapping on a few tracks; I am really going inn

Michelle: hold on, hold on, you are rapping; it is one thing for you to sing but rapping? Where can I hear it myself?

4everAdrian (laughing) I am going to be uploading some more videos on my YouTube page

Michelle: so I have to wait until then to hear it

4everAdrian: no you can hear it now; I am going to play it for you, hold on

{After hearing the song I was convinced that he is talented, he made the track a cepella and made you feel the song and understood the message from the begin to the end, you will have to hear it for yourself}

Michelle: and that is all you

4everAdrian: yes that is all me; 4everAdrian is on the mic, on the mic (laughing)

Michelle: (laughing) so from all the songs that you have recorded so far which one is your favorite track and why?

4everAdrian: this is a tough one, I would say ‘Tell Me Something’ because you feel the message, you feel the energy and you can tell I am going inn

Michelle: ok, I will wait to hear that one but let’s talk about your acting career. What type of roles have you played in or what type of roles are you interested in

4everAdrian: I have acted out several roles from a guy that was mentally challenge; to a serious police officer and even to a funny circus character.  As far as any more possible roles, I won’t limit myself to any roles because I want to showcase my talent in everything, all aspect of the production

Michelle: well said, where do you see yourself 10 years from now?

4everAdrian: still doing the same thing that I am doing today. Making passionate music; writing stories and novels, movies and sitcom; acting on the big and small screen; modeling and walking the runways, and definitely touring the world

Michelle: ok Mr. Superstar, now my final question for you is why should anyone buy your music?

4everAdrian: because you will love the music that I am making, you will be able to relate to it regardless of your preference, it will be something you can take from me and share it with your close ones and everyone you know. I will be doing it on that kind of level because I realize it’s the experience we all need to understand the message. In my music there are lots of messages.

Michelle: (laugh) you know what Adrian, I am not going to be holding you up any longer because I want to go back and do what you do but you know we will be touching base again once I hear some more songs from you

4everAdrian: (laugh) ok, thank you for calling me and I will talk to you later

I don’t know about you but I want to see what else he is coming with because that song he was rapping on was hot. I have a feeling that he is coming with something different that will catch a lot of people’s attention. He goes by the name 4everAdrian. You can Google him, YouTube him, Facebook him, Blogspot him, and Twitter him and be sure to go to his website:

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Interview w/ @DotGoodie

One on One with / DOT GOODIE of Dg Promos/ Tha Network

Artist / Group Name: Dot Goodie of Da PayperBoyz
Artist / Group Website:
Artist Location: Oakland, Ukiah, Vallejo

Q. How did you get started with your music?


I startin rappin in high school (McClymonds High) in 1991, but it was 1994 when I started to take music seriously. I was born in West Oakland, but I moved to North Oakland @ 7 and moved back into the Acorn Projects when I was 12 or 13. My best friend Maja D had just started rappin and we was runnin around together in the projects, hustlin, fightin and lil shit like that. One day Maja heard me rap and vice versa. We had a mutual respect for each others skills, so we started a group that just started off me and him, THE N.E.S. I was goin by the moniker Mr. Faulty then.

My sister Smoke and my cousin Sadistic joined the group along with Taco Dell & Tay. It was a 10th Street/Acorn based group. Which is also how the ZIPPA block came to exist. Since Maja and myself lived on 28th street, other cats from the Corns would come thru and we started hanginn out on 28th as well as 10th st.Tay moved on to do other things, but the N.E.S. went into a venture deal with Amour music. We booked shows with e4o, Jayo Felony, The Click, Workin with Awol records Rick Rock and G-Man Stan more in our first year. Then the deal went sour. Shortly after that, Sadistic branched off and we brought in San Francisco Rapper Sauce Da Boss, who was shortly after that replaced by Shady Nate (now of Livewire Records).


What are you currently working on?


Wow what am I NOT working on.. Lets see… I just released a prequel of my upcoming album “Tha Package” its called “Shippin & Handlin” featuring, Y-Teez of Da PayperBoyz, Breadleon Tha GoGetta, Za, Chonk-Um, Otis & Shugg, Lockdown, Ruxo, J.S.D and Macniffuco… My first album sold out “It’s Nothin” featured Cougnut, Maja D Smoke-L, Skrillie, Macniffuco and more… Me and Ruxojust shot a video for our mixtape called GRITTER you can see that on my youtube. Hustlanity Mobism just released M.A.C BLAST – TRUMPED UP CHARGES. (available on rapbay and everywhere else. Were currently recording Da Payper Boyz album “PayperWork” which contains production from Harry-O Tha Vandizzle, Ruxo, Young O of Hitta Klik and features Za, Chonk-Um and a few suprised guests. A couple of Mixtapes “Conspiracy Theory” w/ Green R. Fieldz of M.G.T. , The DOT DAMMIT Mixtape, and my next album THE MIDDLE MAN. Along with Tha Network comp, which features DLabrie, Awax, Lockdown, Kaz Kyzah, Shady Nate, Maja D, Ace Lothario, M.G.T, Da PayperBoyz and more…

What kind of music do you listen to and how does it influence your music?


Man I listen to just about everything Bay Area, Lockdown, J.S.D., M.G.T, Shady Nate, J-Stalin, Moss Da Boss, Ruxo, Messy Marv, Quinn, Sadistic, M-Lott Gang, 40, Da Tykoon, Ace Lothario, Willy NorthPole (AZ), Breadleon…. Man you name it, but I mostly stick to the underground scene.
Q. What’s your opinion on mainstream music today? What do you like or not like?


I think we lost the attention of the inner city, we let the powers that be began to dictate what or who is being played. I wont say anything negative about the artists, but this is my message to the DJ’s and radio stations…. DONT FORGET WE ARE THE REASON YOU GOT MUSIC TO PLAY. Independant artists like myself are the reason you got a job. If a artist hands you a cd, listen to it, at least one time all the way thru. Its your jobs to break new artists. Dont forget where you came from or one day you wont be able to go back…

Who do you admire?


The independants hands down. The DOT GOODIE’s The TYKOONS, THE SHADY NATES AND JSTALINS  You dont know what we go thru. The industry is so over saturated with B.S. right now. Its getting increasingly harder for the good music to be heard. And the Promo teams that push us, like SuperHyphy (Utah), Lite Brite Ent, We Off Dat, DG Promos, & Dreams To Reality…Cause nowadays you got every D-Boy that can hustle thinkin he can rap. Its really clogging the lanes for the artists that really have substance.

Why would people want to listen to your music over someone else’s?


Substance. Im well rounded. Im confident im the best in the game period. My delivery is one of a kind. My cadence is original. My storie lines stand alone. I really paint a picture, very vivid one on various issues. My music is thinking music, laughing music, crying music, real life issues that you can still hustle or party to… But most importantly you can relate to.

Q.Who have you worked with and how have they affected your work?


Musically wow… The list goes on forever… But Ill abbreviate it.. Lets see. Ive worked with Cougnut (R.I.P) Shady Nate, Yukmouth, E40, B-Legit, Otis & Shugg, Dem HoodStarz, YoungBloodz, Franchise Boyz, P.S.D, J-Stalin, M.G.T, J.S.D, Big Tef, San Quinn, ChonkUm Harry-O Tha Vandizzle, G-Man Stan, Laroo, Rick Rock, Too Short, Jamiel Hassan, Raphel Saddiq, Toni Tone Tony, MacNiffuco, Breadleon, Killa Kiese, Tha Jacka, Pretty Black (R.I.P) Louie Loco, Maja D, U.D.I, Totally Insane, T.C., Pho-Balo, Apt 3 DNA Da Tykoon, Tuf Luv, Moss Da Boss, Cali G, Mr. Ripley, Layem Down, Tha Pack, Black and Brown, Big Rich, Smoke-L, and Mistah Fab just to name a few…. Man look, yall aint got enough pages for me to go on…..


What is your local music scene like?


Well it depends what local your talkin about… lol.. Lets start with home. West Oakland is on fire right now, you got Shady, Stalin and the Livewire camp. Beeda out in the Dubbs beastin right now. My mans Biaje, and the PTB family. Tha Mekanix are the producers to see out in the town.. And up north in Mendo/Lake area you got J.S.D, Mendo Green Team is on they A-Game, out in the lake you got Big Tef and the A.f.f.i.l.i.a.t.e.s., The LayemDowm Camp ran by Big Unk, Macniffuco droppin MONEY TALKS soon, out in Pittsburg, my guy Breadleon is droppin DOPE BEEN COOKED, Vinimiz Spitz, John Sonatra, and Dubb 20 are really pushin that line..In the V, my brothers Ruxo, P Coat, & Krypto are forces to be reckoned with.. So theres alot of beefy talent coming out of our areas soon, thats why I started on THA NETWORK COMP. So the game can see whats its been missin…

Q. What suggestions do you have for other artists in the music industry?


The game is to crowded right now, so dont waste time on the negative, worrying about what the next man doin.. Use that energy to push your product and master your crafts, get your music heard and let it speak for itself.


Where do you see yourself in a year from now?


365 times better…
Q. Any additional information you would like us to know?


Yes, Dot Goodie is Blessed and thankful to be in the position he’s in now. I thank GOD firstly, and anybody and everybody that ever supported my music in anyway…..

One Love


Blockmonstamuzik C.E.O

1/2 Da PayperBoyz

*Dot Goodie*

Tracks from internet only release Dot Goodie SHIPPIN AND HANDLIN “The RE-lease” Available on

01 Im Not Your Boyfriend

“Gritter” Video – Dot Goodie & Ruxo

01 Im Not Your Boyfriend feat Dame Muzik

Gritterr Dot & Rux

So Much- Young Naughty, Maj-Gutta, Dot Goodie & Taco Dell

Thats Life – Dot Goodie

I Got Purple feat Maj-Gutta, Kobra Abysmal & Rux

Freeze feat ChonkUm & Rux

Dot Goodie
BlockMonstaMuzik/DG Promos C.E.O

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Interview w/ @MissPaulaFlava

How did you choose your name?

My name was chosen for me by producer, Kevin “Kyze’ Ravanell.  The first day I met him he kept calling me “Miss P” and I loved the respect it carried, so I adopted it and here I am.

How did you start rhyming/singing?

My biggest influence is Faith Evans.  When she dropped her first album, I remember NOT being able to sing. I would listen to her melodies, riffs, leads….the way she made me feel through singing, I wanted to make others feels.  It was then that I adopted singing as a part of who I was. I love Faith Evans for doing that for me!

How would you define your style?

I define Miss Paula as the friend in you head, the sister that some of us never had. My style is classy and consevative but still hood.  I’m from Paterson, NJ so it’s natural I’ve adopted a love for some fresh nikes and skinny jeans (LOL) But mostly, I live for the opportunity to slide into some Candy Coated stilettos and a pretty dress! Everyone that knows me knows that anything glittery and gold, I flock to it!

What would you like to be doing 10yrs from now?

10 years from now I will be a household name, if not through my music, through the company I’ve created, Candy Flavas.  I work hard everyday at both, the music and my business.  People that experience my music are touched.  Other that experience the products of Candy Flavas, melt.  All of these experinces are impactful and those kind of seeds usually produce healthy harvest.  In 10 years, I hope to be sharing and growing that harvest!

What do you think about the state of the industry?

I think the industry is a bit boring visually.  We see the same faces, same bodies, same voicies and without something different to experience it becomes boring. I’m a size 12, confident and strong vocalist and an even stronger songwriter….I feel like I have so much to offer the game because I represent change. I represent difference. I feel sexy, smart, vibrant, powerful and valuable and all of that comes across in the way I speak, the words I write, the ideas I project into tangibility.  I am an asset to the game because of all of these things

Unlike artist who depend on the record deal to define them and provide them with with an image which links ito the marketing of  merchandising opportunities, I am making my own doors to open.  I created a company for the new generation of sophisticated females in the world who want to Go GREEN and stay feminine while doing so.  I created this outlet, knowing that with the state of the world and our environment, eventually everything will be GREEN. As an artist, I plan to make GREEN awareness an agenda, especially in urban neighborhoods where that kind of education doesn’t take priority.

Why should people buy your album?

People should buy my music because I am their stories. I am the hurt and disappointment they’ve tried to bury for years. I am the happiness they feel when they first meet the love of their lives. I am also the heartbreak when that love leaves.

What is your take on our youth in America, how influencing do you feel you are on them?

I influence the youth in a positive way by showing them that it’s cool to want to be a entreprenuer.  It’s cool to work hard to acheive goals for yourself. My company invests in our youth, our communities and our Earth.

What would you like your legacy to be?

I would like my legacy to be that I inspired and change the state of the world through products and music.

What is in your cd player?

In my CD player now is Jim Jones “The Ghost of Rich Porter”, Jeezy “Trap or Die 2” and Usher “Raymond vs Raymond”

Miss Paula

Miss Paula website full of videos, music downloads and Fan Prizes coming March 2010

Check Out My Music and Learn More About Me and My Journey As A Songwriter and Owner/Partner of CandyFlavas LLP

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Interview w/ @YoungWiN

How did you choose your name?

My name comes from my part of my government name and I’m a Jr. So that’s how Young Win came about. I would always be called Lil’ Win at family events. I just used deleted “Lil” and added “Young”.

How did you begin rhyming/singing?

I use to walk around the playground in elementary school with my friends and rap. We performed at talent shows starting in the 6th grade. I always enjoyed it and continued it on in high school. Back in 2006 I was messing around with music again. DJ Mind Motion overheard my song “Bout My Chips” and after that the rest was history.

How would you define your style?

My style is street, flashy, and full of swag.

What do you see yourself doing in the next 10 years?

In 10 years I see myself owning and running a few different business, which I’m currently in the process of doing now.

What do you feel is the state of Hip Hop?

I feel the state of Hip Hop is good. We’re in a space now where the record sales are down. But at the same time, we are now seeing increase in digital sales. It’s harder to move numbers and things of that nature. But we have more avenues and different techniques to be seen and heard.

Why should people buy your album?

Everything I rap about in my music is real. Either I’ve done it, seen it, or experienced it through someone. My current album “Death Before Dishonor” is a street ode and the music coincides with the theme. I have features with R. City, Akon, Mack 10, Big Rich, and more.

Do you feel you can change the game?

The game is constantly changing. I wont say i can change the game completely, but I can bring something that the game is missing. I’m from the Bay Area and the things I’ve endured throughout my life everyone needs to hear.

Who were your influences?

My influences musically are 2pac, E-40, Spice-1, C-Bo. My influences physically was my pops. He came from nothing and is one of the biggest hustlers I know to date.

What do you feel separates you from other lyricists?

I’m not going to try and be the lyricist that’s in a cypher or using metaphors and trying to blow your mind away. I’m the type of lyricist that is going to make you be like “damn that’s some shit i can relate to, but the way he said that line is clever”.

What is your take on the youth in America how easily influenced are they?

The youth in America are definitely in a different environment than I was growing up. I personally think it comes from proper parenting. A lot of youth look to the streets for guidance. This is why they are easily influenced. When you out hanging with your peers and none of you have knowledge and lack of parental guidance you going to find out on your own. Not all youth make bad decisions, neither do they always let a bad decision effect their life. I’ve mad bad decisions as a youth and an adult.

What would you like your legacy to be?

Respected, a man that wasn’t afraid to go grab success.

Is there anything else you would like the people to know about YoungWin?

Follow me on twitter @youngwin. I’m always down to work and collab with other artists. If anyone is interested in booking me contact D’Wain (510)375-6275

*****BRAND NEW MUSIC******



The 1st single off the upcoming debut album “Born To Win”


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Interview w/ @jcolemanbeats

Michelle:  How did you become a beat maker?

J-Coleman:  When my mother gave birth to me, I think that’s what happened next… but for a more serious answer it was something I always wanted to do, so I let my interest and love for the art guide me from there.
Michelle:  How would you define your style of beat making?

J-Coleman:  I would say I have that mid 90s boom bap style.  My style is similar to a Pete Rock or DJ Premier, but I don’t bite them though.  I like to flip and chop up old samples.  I also use a lot of violins in my production.  I also like to chop the notes up, and rearrange them.  I just like it like that.  Listen to this joint I did for Yatta AKA Da Kaptain called “Slow Down”, you can download it here at this link  That beat really sums up a good little bit of how I usually make tracks, however for anyone reading this interview, or listening to that song don’t just put me in a box just yet, I can also flip it many other different ways as well.
Michelle:  What do you think about the state of the music industry as a whole?

J-Coleman:  I say it’s different now than how it used to be.   I say the current state of the economy and the Internet has effected the music industry a lot.  The economy changed it because right now buying music and going to concerts isn’t a priority, especially when most music consumers are out of a job.  I thank god in this crazy economy that I have a real job, in addition to my side hustles and music producing.  In this economy you need about 2 or 3 jobs, a side hustle, something to do on the weekends, a lottery ticket, a back-up plan and some type of extra education, and a settlement check.  In fact, after I’m done with this interview I’m going to go find a Walmart to slip and fall in.  The Internet has changed the industry because it’s now easier to get albums and music without having to pay for it, and the Internet has also made it easier for aspiring artists and musicians to just force their own material down people’s throat regardless of if it’s great or not.  I should know, I do it all the time!  I could go on and on and on with this topic, but to sum it all up… a) the economy made it so that people are too broke to buy music and b) the Internet made it so that the supply is higher than the actual demand. 
Michelle:  What would you like to be doing 10 yrs from now?

J-Coleman:  Still breathing!  10 years from now I would like to be a well established, influential figure in the recording and entertainment industry.  It would be great if 10 years from now, someone would list me as one of their influences.  
Michelle:  Who are your influences?
J-Coleman:  As a beatmaker, I would say DJ Premier, Pete Rock… um… 9th Wonder, Pharrell, RJD2, Timbaland, Kanye… the list of beatmakers that have an influence on me go on and on… but mostly the guy I see everyday in the mirror.
Michelle:  Do you feel you are a positive role model for todays youth in America?

J-Coleman:  Yes and no.  (laughs), I volunteer for a non profit organization called the Ketchmore Kids Foundation ran by Chanell Ketchmore, another artist I’ve had the pleasure of working with.  We help the children by putting together self empowerment workshops for teens and children, and give them positive activities to keep their minds active and off the streets.  The only activities I participate in that I wouldn’t recommend to a younger person are the ones that only adults should do!  Nothing illegal though, but I also want to say that nobody is perfect, trouble is so easy to get into, and if I end up in some kind of crazy scandal with my mug shot plastered all over the front page of a google search, I want to give all the children this message in advance, “kids, stay in school and stay out of trouble!  Do as I say and not as I do”.  There you go.  Getting back to Chanell Ketchmore, we recently recorded a song together titled “Calling All Troops” with her rapping over a beat I made of course.  You can download it here at this link  The song has a positive message about steering the youth in the right direction and keeping them out of trouble.
Michelle:  How can you change the game?
J-Coleman:  Well time will tell me the answer to that question.  In the meantime, I’m going to work hard and do what I do and see what results I get, and see how the game will change from what I’ve done.
Michelle:  What separates you from others in your field?

J-Coleman:  Well, if this was the mid 90s, the type of beats I make might be considered run of the mill or ordinary, but now-a-days so many producers try to emulate this current trend of using snaps for snares, fast high hats with tracks that have low BPMs, all these synthetic sounds, lasers in the background and simple a, b, c keyboard loops, that when people hear me flipping an old jazz sample or hear one of my beats where I chopped up some classical music and placed some hip hop drums behind it they go “wait a minute… this is….. different stuff!”.  That old sample flippin’ that used to be popular 15 years ago is now considered “alternative” or “different” today.  Kids today don’t check their history or go back and listen to the old stuff, so when these 18, 19, 20 and 21 year olds listen to my instrumentals they go “hey, that’s a new sound!  How did you do it!?” (laughs) and when I play beats for dudes my age… in their late 20s and some of these guys in their early to mid 30s they go “yo I know where you sampled that!!” (laughs).  It’s funny.  That alone separates me from others in my field, but as for the beatmakers that do what I do, and pitch their music to artists that would more than likely use my production for their projects, the thing that separates me from what they do is that I don’t just market myself as a “producer” or “beatmaker”, I market myself more so like an entertainer that just happens to make beats too.  The guys my age, and the guys that have that old mid 90s, vinyl sampling style to them have this traditional “beatmakers are to be heard and not seen” mentality.  So they are the quiet guys that just make beats and let the music speak for themselves, but me on the other hand, I host events, chill with the artists in their youtube music videos, do interviews, go on podcasts, sit on seminar panels, I go and do all that, and I plug myself while doing it.  So that is another thing that makes me a little different from your average beatmaker.  I’m not by any means saying that I’m the best or the most talented, but I will go as far and say I’m one of the most… “different”.
Michelle:  What would you like your legacy to be?

J-Coleman:  I want to be remembered as that guy that…. had a huge impact.  A man who made a difference.  Also sense this question has the word Legacy in it, check out the new song by L.E.G.A.C.Y. a member of North Carolina’s Justus League called “Reckless”, another song I composed the beat for. You can download the song “Reckless” here at this link
Michelle:  Is there anything else you would like the people to know about J-Coleman?
J-Coleman:  Oh yeah anything else that I didn’t cover in this interview, you can find here at my official blog and for any artists interested you can hit me up at  I’m also on facebook at and you can also check out the official YouTube page at

Official Blog:

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Interview w/ @DragTheVillain

How did you choose your name?

I wasn’t always known as Dragnet. When I first started rappin I went by Cutthroat because I kinda used to emulate Eminem and his sound. Then one of my friends gave me the moniker Yung Chill, but I wasn’t really feeling that. The name Dragnet came along as I began to find my own sound and develop my style. It was a TV show and a movie and I feel like I always give people a show, whether you know me as an artist or on a personal level. Anyone can tell you that I really am a character.

How did you start rhyming/singing?

I started rapping when I was 16 in high school. I had a group of friends who always used to freestyle in the morning before class so I just joined them.

How would you define your style?

Southcoast. I’m from the south since i was born in Texas, but i lived on the east coast in Virginia from 03 to 07 when I was really growing up so I jam a mixture of artists from the south and the east coast. Its all 100% real tho. I dont rap about anything i havent experienced or seen for myself
What would you like to be doing 10yrs from now?

10 years from now, I would like to be married and enjoying life with my wife. I have a plan, but I dont want to really speak on things before they happen, but I would like to own my own company…I will say that

What do you think about the state of the industry?

i think the industry is thriving right now. Sales arent really what they used to be for my genre, but i think there are alot of creative people doing their thing right now. As for the others who don’t take the industry seriously and jump in tryna make a one hit wonder – my new Rapper Genocide movement is focused on proving that those artists dont have staying power. Rapper Genocide to them, self explanatory

Why should people buy your album?

People shouldn’t buy my album. Bootleg away!! Lmao. I’m jokin. If you want to know who I am and just hear some crazy stories then you should buy my music. When you get tired of the straight dope boy and party music and you need to know that someone is living life just like you then you should buy my music

How can you change the game?

I dont want to change the game. I just want to bring it back to it’s thought-provoking and story-telling roots. I want people to look thru my eyes and see what this genre used to be

Who are your influences?

When I really began rapping, as in writing songs, I was mainly inspired by Eminem because I felt the emotion that he gave in his music. Over time, I began to jam more of Chamillionaire, Yung Ro, Ludacris, Magnificent and Garth Brooks. Right now I am heavy on Joe Budden and Rick Ross as well the others I have been on

What do you feel seperates you from other male MC’s?

i stay in my lane and do me. I think a number of artists conform to what is hot and sacrifice their image for the money and they fall off because they cant conform time and again with whats hot. if you just do you and stay true to yourself people will eventually catch on and you are more likely to have longevity like that

what is your take on our youth in America how influencing do you feel you are on them?

Oh, man. The youth today scares me. I go thru my old hood daily and see kids doing things that amaze me. I think they more fucked up now than I was was growing up. So I just want to show them that you aint gotta wild out just to be successful and have people love you. You can be you and still have a good time

what would you like your legacy to be?

I would like to just be remembered as a good guy who was fun to be around and made you feel good about yourself

Is there anything else you would like people to know about Dragnet?

Yes…stay tuned to for updates on what I am doin with my music and please support my movement. I’m puttin out free material all year before I drop a project that they have to pay for so they’re gonna get new material constantly both ways

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Interview w/ @PurpReynolds209

How did you choose your name?

I had a firebird like the one in smokey and the bandit. Everyone used to be like here come Burt Reynolds and I’d be like no purp Reynolds and blow some grapes out

How did you start rhyming/singing?

I did a song a long time ago and it got a great response from all over.

How would you define your style?

I make that playboy music, music that tells hood stories.

What would you like to be doing 10yrs from now?

I’d like to be touring my classic songs by then lol like jay-z career right now

What do you think about the state of the industry?

I really don’t worry about the state it’s in I just do my part to make my mark!

Why should people buy your album?

Well if they like that sound that we grew up on and not the everyday trend, then my music will put them in that feel good mood! Living life to the fullest is what my music promotes.

How can you change the game?

I’m a change the game cuz my music is more than just metaphors, I got messages in all my songs. Listen and learn about lifes different angles

Who are your influences?

I’ve always loved 2 Pac of course. But mac dre, too short, jay-z snoop dogg to name the main ones

What do you feel seperates you from other male MC’s?

My name for one lol but I guess that most of my fans are gorgeous women

what is your take on our youth in America how influencing do you feel you are on them?

Well I actually lived a real kids life. So I would really stress the fact of going fishing, bike riding, playing sports. Just not following a trend to be original!

what would you like your legacy to be?

I want to be known to have helped a lot of people in lifes struggles. Someone who made a difference

Is there anything else you would like people to know about Purp Reynolds?

Just that they should actually give my sound a try, and expect difference and support me by buying my music & merch.

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