Interview w/ @DragTheVillain

How did you choose your name?

I wasn’t always known as Dragnet. When I first started rappin I went by Cutthroat because I kinda used to emulate Eminem and his sound. Then one of my friends gave me the moniker Yung Chill, but I wasn’t really feeling that. The name Dragnet came along as I began to find my own sound and develop my style. It was a TV show and a movie and I feel like I always give people a show, whether you know me as an artist or on a personal level. Anyone can tell you that I really am a character.

How did you start rhyming/singing?

I started rapping when I was 16 in high school. I had a group of friends who always used to freestyle in the morning before class so I just joined them.

How would you define your style?

Southcoast. I’m from the south since i was born in Texas, but i lived on the east coast in Virginia from 03 to 07 when I was really growing up so I jam a mixture of artists from the south and the east coast. Its all 100% real tho. I dont rap about anything i havent experienced or seen for myself
What would you like to be doing 10yrs from now?

10 years from now, I would like to be married and enjoying life with my wife. I have a plan, but I dont want to really speak on things before they happen, but I would like to own my own company…I will say that

What do you think about the state of the industry?

i think the industry is thriving right now. Sales arent really what they used to be for my genre, but i think there are alot of creative people doing their thing right now. As for the others who don’t take the industry seriously and jump in tryna make a one hit wonder – my new Rapper Genocide movement is focused on proving that those artists dont have staying power. Rapper Genocide to them, self explanatory

Why should people buy your album?

People shouldn’t buy my album. Bootleg away!! Lmao. I’m jokin. If you want to know who I am and just hear some crazy stories then you should buy my music. When you get tired of the straight dope boy and party music and you need to know that someone is living life just like you then you should buy my music

How can you change the game?

I dont want to change the game. I just want to bring it back to it’s thought-provoking and story-telling roots. I want people to look thru my eyes and see what this genre used to be

Who are your influences?

When I really began rapping, as in writing songs, I was mainly inspired by Eminem because I felt the emotion that he gave in his music. Over time, I began to jam more of Chamillionaire, Yung Ro, Ludacris, Magnificent and Garth Brooks. Right now I am heavy on Joe Budden and Rick Ross as well the others I have been on

What do you feel seperates you from other male MC’s?

i stay in my lane and do me. I think a number of artists conform to what is hot and sacrifice their image for the money and they fall off because they cant conform time and again with whats hot. if you just do you and stay true to yourself people will eventually catch on and you are more likely to have longevity like that

what is your take on our youth in America how influencing do you feel you are on them?

Oh, man. The youth today scares me. I go thru my old hood daily and see kids doing things that amaze me. I think they more fucked up now than I was was growing up. So I just want to show them that you aint gotta wild out just to be successful and have people love you. You can be you and still have a good time

what would you like your legacy to be?

I would like to just be remembered as a good guy who was fun to be around and made you feel good about yourself

Is there anything else you would like people to know about Dragnet?

Yes…stay tuned to for updates on what I am doin with my music and please support my movement. I’m puttin out free material all year before I drop a project that they have to pay for so they’re gonna get new material constantly both ways

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