Interview w/ @YoungWiN

How did you choose your name?

My name comes from my part of my government name and I’m a Jr. So that’s how Young Win came about. I would always be called Lil’ Win at family events. I just used deleted “Lil” and added “Young”.

How did you begin rhyming/singing?

I use to walk around the playground in elementary school with my friends and rap. We performed at talent shows starting in the 6th grade. I always enjoyed it and continued it on in high school. Back in 2006 I was messing around with music again. DJ Mind Motion overheard my song “Bout My Chips” and after that the rest was history.

How would you define your style?

My style is street, flashy, and full of swag.

What do you see yourself doing in the next 10 years?

In 10 years I see myself owning and running a few different business, which I’m currently in the process of doing now.

What do you feel is the state of Hip Hop?

I feel the state of Hip Hop is good. We’re in a space now where the record sales are down. But at the same time, we are now seeing increase in digital sales. It’s harder to move numbers and things of that nature. But we have more avenues and different techniques to be seen and heard.

Why should people buy your album?

Everything I rap about in my music is real. Either I’ve done it, seen it, or experienced it through someone. My current album “Death Before Dishonor” is a street ode and the music coincides with the theme. I have features with R. City, Akon, Mack 10, Big Rich, and more.

Do you feel you can change the game?

The game is constantly changing. I wont say i can change the game completely, but I can bring something that the game is missing. I’m from the Bay Area and the things I’ve endured throughout my life everyone needs to hear.

Who were your influences?

My influences musically are 2pac, E-40, Spice-1, C-Bo. My influences physically was my pops. He came from nothing and is one of the biggest hustlers I know to date.

What do you feel separates you from other lyricists?

I’m not going to try and be the lyricist that’s in a cypher or using metaphors and trying to blow your mind away. I’m the type of lyricist that is going to make you be like “damn that’s some shit i can relate to, but the way he said that line is clever”.

What is your take on the youth in America how easily influenced are they?

The youth in America are definitely in a different environment than I was growing up. I personally think it comes from proper parenting. A lot of youth look to the streets for guidance. This is why they are easily influenced. When you out hanging with your peers and none of you have knowledge and lack of parental guidance you going to find out on your own. Not all youth make bad decisions, neither do they always let a bad decision effect their life. I’ve mad bad decisions as a youth and an adult.

What would you like your legacy to be?

Respected, a man that wasn’t afraid to go grab success.

Is there anything else you would like the people to know about YoungWin?

Follow me on twitter @youngwin. I’m always down to work and collab with other artists. If anyone is interested in booking me contact D’Wain (510)375-6275

*****BRAND NEW MUSIC******



The 1st single off the upcoming debut album “Born To Win”


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