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One on One with / DOT GOODIE of Dg Promos/ Tha Network

Artist / Group Name: Dot Goodie of Da PayperBoyz
Artist / Group Website:
Artist Location: Oakland, Ukiah, Vallejo

Q. How did you get started with your music?


I startin rappin in high school (McClymonds High) in 1991, but it was 1994 when I started to take music seriously. I was born in West Oakland, but I moved to North Oakland @ 7 and moved back into the Acorn Projects when I was 12 or 13. My best friend Maja D had just started rappin and we was runnin around together in the projects, hustlin, fightin and lil shit like that. One day Maja heard me rap and vice versa. We had a mutual respect for each others skills, so we started a group that just started off me and him, THE N.E.S. I was goin by the moniker Mr. Faulty then.

My sister Smoke and my cousin Sadistic joined the group along with Taco Dell & Tay. It was a 10th Street/Acorn based group. Which is also how the ZIPPA block came to exist. Since Maja and myself lived on 28th street, other cats from the Corns would come thru and we started hanginn out on 28th as well as 10th st.Tay moved on to do other things, but the N.E.S. went into a venture deal with Amour music. We booked shows with e4o, Jayo Felony, The Click, Workin with Awol records Rick Rock and G-Man Stan more in our first year. Then the deal went sour. Shortly after that, Sadistic branched off and we brought in San Francisco Rapper Sauce Da Boss, who was shortly after that replaced by Shady Nate (now of Livewire Records).


What are you currently working on?


Wow what am I NOT working on.. Lets see… I just released a prequel of my upcoming album “Tha Package” its called “Shippin & Handlin” featuring, Y-Teez of Da PayperBoyz, Breadleon Tha GoGetta, Za, Chonk-Um, Otis & Shugg, Lockdown, Ruxo, J.S.D and Macniffuco… My first album sold out “It’s Nothin” featured Cougnut, Maja D Smoke-L, Skrillie, Macniffuco and more… Me and Ruxojust shot a video for our mixtape called GRITTER you can see that on my youtube. Hustlanity Mobism just released M.A.C BLAST – TRUMPED UP CHARGES. (available on rapbay and everywhere else. Were currently recording Da Payper Boyz album “PayperWork” which contains production from Harry-O Tha Vandizzle, Ruxo, Young O of Hitta Klik and features Za, Chonk-Um and a few suprised guests. A couple of Mixtapes “Conspiracy Theory” w/ Green R. Fieldz of M.G.T. , The DOT DAMMIT Mixtape, and my next album THE MIDDLE MAN. Along with Tha Network comp, which features DLabrie, Awax, Lockdown, Kaz Kyzah, Shady Nate, Maja D, Ace Lothario, M.G.T, Da PayperBoyz and more…

What kind of music do you listen to and how does it influence your music?


Man I listen to just about everything Bay Area, Lockdown, J.S.D., M.G.T, Shady Nate, J-Stalin, Moss Da Boss, Ruxo, Messy Marv, Quinn, Sadistic, M-Lott Gang, 40, Da Tykoon, Ace Lothario, Willy NorthPole (AZ), Breadleon…. Man you name it, but I mostly stick to the underground scene.
Q. What’s your opinion on mainstream music today? What do you like or not like?


I think we lost the attention of the inner city, we let the powers that be began to dictate what or who is being played. I wont say anything negative about the artists, but this is my message to the DJ’s and radio stations…. DONT FORGET WE ARE THE REASON YOU GOT MUSIC TO PLAY. Independant artists like myself are the reason you got a job. If a artist hands you a cd, listen to it, at least one time all the way thru. Its your jobs to break new artists. Dont forget where you came from or one day you wont be able to go back…

Who do you admire?


The independants hands down. The DOT GOODIE’s The TYKOONS, THE SHADY NATES AND JSTALINS  You dont know what we go thru. The industry is so over saturated with B.S. right now. Its getting increasingly harder for the good music to be heard. And the Promo teams that push us, like SuperHyphy (Utah), Lite Brite Ent, We Off Dat, DG Promos, & Dreams To Reality…Cause nowadays you got every D-Boy that can hustle thinkin he can rap. Its really clogging the lanes for the artists that really have substance.

Why would people want to listen to your music over someone else’s?


Substance. Im well rounded. Im confident im the best in the game period. My delivery is one of a kind. My cadence is original. My storie lines stand alone. I really paint a picture, very vivid one on various issues. My music is thinking music, laughing music, crying music, real life issues that you can still hustle or party to… But most importantly you can relate to.

Q.Who have you worked with and how have they affected your work?


Musically wow… The list goes on forever… But Ill abbreviate it.. Lets see. Ive worked with Cougnut (R.I.P) Shady Nate, Yukmouth, E40, B-Legit, Otis & Shugg, Dem HoodStarz, YoungBloodz, Franchise Boyz, P.S.D, J-Stalin, M.G.T, J.S.D, Big Tef, San Quinn, ChonkUm Harry-O Tha Vandizzle, G-Man Stan, Laroo, Rick Rock, Too Short, Jamiel Hassan, Raphel Saddiq, Toni Tone Tony, MacNiffuco, Breadleon, Killa Kiese, Tha Jacka, Pretty Black (R.I.P) Louie Loco, Maja D, U.D.I, Totally Insane, T.C., Pho-Balo, Apt 3 DNA Da Tykoon, Tuf Luv, Moss Da Boss, Cali G, Mr. Ripley, Layem Down, Tha Pack, Black and Brown, Big Rich, Smoke-L, and Mistah Fab just to name a few…. Man look, yall aint got enough pages for me to go on…..


What is your local music scene like?


Well it depends what local your talkin about… lol.. Lets start with home. West Oakland is on fire right now, you got Shady, Stalin and the Livewire camp. Beeda out in the Dubbs beastin right now. My mans Biaje, and the PTB family. Tha Mekanix are the producers to see out in the town.. And up north in Mendo/Lake area you got J.S.D, Mendo Green Team is on they A-Game, out in the lake you got Big Tef and the A.f.f.i.l.i.a.t.e.s., The LayemDowm Camp ran by Big Unk, Macniffuco droppin MONEY TALKS soon, out in Pittsburg, my guy Breadleon is droppin DOPE BEEN COOKED, Vinimiz Spitz, John Sonatra, and Dubb 20 are really pushin that line..In the V, my brothers Ruxo, P Coat, & Krypto are forces to be reckoned with.. So theres alot of beefy talent coming out of our areas soon, thats why I started on THA NETWORK COMP. So the game can see whats its been missin…

Q. What suggestions do you have for other artists in the music industry?


The game is to crowded right now, so dont waste time on the negative, worrying about what the next man doin.. Use that energy to push your product and master your crafts, get your music heard and let it speak for itself.


Where do you see yourself in a year from now?


365 times better…
Q. Any additional information you would like us to know?


Yes, Dot Goodie is Blessed and thankful to be in the position he’s in now. I thank GOD firstly, and anybody and everybody that ever supported my music in anyway…..

One Love


Blockmonstamuzik C.E.O

1/2 Da PayperBoyz

*Dot Goodie*

Tracks from internet only release Dot Goodie SHIPPIN AND HANDLIN “The RE-lease” Available on

01 Im Not Your Boyfriend

“Gritter” Video – Dot Goodie & Ruxo

01 Im Not Your Boyfriend feat Dame Muzik

Gritterr Dot & Rux

So Much- Young Naughty, Maj-Gutta, Dot Goodie & Taco Dell

Thats Life – Dot Goodie

I Got Purple feat Maj-Gutta, Kobra Abysmal & Rux

Freeze feat ChonkUm & Rux

Dot Goodie
BlockMonstaMuzik/DG Promos C.E.O

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  1. Thank You Miss Chelle for believing in me and doin this interview with me. Im grateful and I appreciate you. #teamgoodie GOD BLESS

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