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One of my good friend surprised me a few weeks ago dropping three snippets: “Why,” “Why You Want To Leave,” & “The Situation.” I had to call him because I felt like I had a lot of questions that other people might be having too. I wanted to know why myself and where is he going with this. But to tell you to hear his voice again is amazing because he is so humble but yet driven by passion. You can hear it in his voice and only if I could see his face; I know he will be smiling that beautiful smile of his. I recorded our phone call; below you can read his response to my questions:

4everAdrian: hello

Michelle: Adrian, did I catch you at a bad time?

4everAdrian: no I can talk; how have you been?

Michelle: I’ve been good now how you been?

4everAdrian: (laugh) I just been working, recording a lot

Michelle: you know that is the reason why I called you

4everAdrian: is it? (laughing) you have questions?

Michelle: don’t get all shy on me now

4everAdrian: I won’t, I won’t

{Before I started the interview I informed Adrian and let him know that I was recording the interview}

Michelle: even though I know where you are from but I want my readers to know a little bit more about you; where you are from?

4everAdrian: I was born in Kingston, Jamaica and grew up in New Jersey

Michelle: how old are you?

4everAdrian: I am 25

Michelle: When did you realize that singing and acting was your calling?

4everAdrian: ever since I was a little boy, I remember the first time I heard ‘I Wanna Be Down’ by Brandy and from there I was all in for music but I kept it to myself

Michelle: why?

4everAdrian: because whenever I thought about it; I always thought about what people will say or how they will think of it. I don’t think I was as strong enough then to stand up to that; but whenever I thought about making music I would get so worked up and it would put me in my own world of imagination and dream. That’s why I am pursuing this dream

Michelle: ok I can understand that; but you know the more you put your music or yourself out there the more people will be critical towards you

4everAdrian: I know and it’s a matter of how I take those criticisms and turn it into constructive criticism to improve myself and I know the more I put myself out there the more people will admire my work, progress and success since they have been following all along. So I am very grateful to have my friends close to me

Michelle: how did you get into the business?

4everAdrian: I am not with a management team or record label yet but I am in talk with a few as we speak. I am also reaching out with the help of friends and family to network with everyone and to meet more faces in the industry. I am ready to take my gift to the next level

Michelle: what made you want to upload those videos?

4everAdrian: because in the most recent days I’ve been wanting everyone to hear me make music and allow people to hear me; I have been keeping my music to myself for so many years that it’s time I share it with the world

Michelle: so is this more like a passion of yours or is it just a hobby, something you are playing around with?

4everAdrian: I will definitely say it’s a passion and something I’m serious about because it’s something that I just do and it makes me feel good

Michelle: what is driving you to make music?

4everAdrian: to be honest with you, life itself

Michelle: that is deep, very deep

{Adrian did a deep exhale into the phone; I had to check on him to make sure he was ok}

Michelle: Adrian, are you ok?

4everAdrian: yeah, there is so much more I want people to hear

Michelle: that was my next question, where are you going with this?

4everAdrian: I am aiming international because I have music that the world would love and could relate to on all levels. I am also working on my EPs right now, I am doing a lot of behind the scene work so you can expect an album from me soon

Michelle: that is big and I am so proud of you for taking your dream and running with it because anything and everything is possible; do you have more music you will be putting up soon?

4everAdrian: I have more music that I will be putting out there to give people a more feel of me and my style. I am even experimenting with my voice on some tracks; I am rapping on a few tracks; I am really going inn

Michelle: hold on, hold on, you are rapping; it is one thing for you to sing but rapping? Where can I hear it myself?

4everAdrian (laughing) I am going to be uploading some more videos on my YouTube page

Michelle: so I have to wait until then to hear it

4everAdrian: no you can hear it now; I am going to play it for you, hold on

{After hearing the song I was convinced that he is talented, he made the track a cepella and made you feel the song and understood the message from the begin to the end, you will have to hear it for yourself}

Michelle: and that is all you

4everAdrian: yes that is all me; 4everAdrian is on the mic, on the mic (laughing)

Michelle: (laughing) so from all the songs that you have recorded so far which one is your favorite track and why?

4everAdrian: this is a tough one, I would say ‘Tell Me Something’ because you feel the message, you feel the energy and you can tell I am going inn

Michelle: ok, I will wait to hear that one but let’s talk about your acting career. What type of roles have you played in or what type of roles are you interested in

4everAdrian: I have acted out several roles from a guy that was mentally challenge; to a serious police officer and even to a funny circus character.  As far as any more possible roles, I won’t limit myself to any roles because I want to showcase my talent in everything, all aspect of the production

Michelle: well said, where do you see yourself 10 years from now?

4everAdrian: still doing the same thing that I am doing today. Making passionate music; writing stories and novels, movies and sitcom; acting on the big and small screen; modeling and walking the runways, and definitely touring the world

Michelle: ok Mr. Superstar, now my final question for you is why should anyone buy your music?

4everAdrian: because you will love the music that I am making, you will be able to relate to it regardless of your preference, it will be something you can take from me and share it with your close ones and everyone you know. I will be doing it on that kind of level because I realize it’s the experience we all need to understand the message. In my music there are lots of messages.

Michelle: (laugh) you know what Adrian, I am not going to be holding you up any longer because I want to go back and do what you do but you know we will be touching base again once I hear some more songs from you

4everAdrian: (laugh) ok, thank you for calling me and I will talk to you later

I don’t know about you but I want to see what else he is coming with because that song he was rapping on was hot. I have a feeling that he is coming with something different that will catch a lot of people’s attention. He goes by the name 4everAdrian. You can Google him, YouTube him, Facebook him, Blogspot him, and Twitter him and be sure to go to his website:

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  1. I loved this! Adrian has a lot of passion, music is a strong way to express it.

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